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Giua HK2 AV 11 THPT Gia Dinh 201011 – Tài liệu text

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Giua HK2 AV 11 THPT Gia Dinh 201011

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Mã đề 124 – Đề thi Giữa Học kỳ II – Khối 11


KIỂM TRA GIỮA HỌC KÌ 2 (Năm học 2010-2011)


Thời gian làm bài : 45 phút

Mã đề : 124

I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. species B. center C. city D. circle

2. A. planet B. animal C. natural D. race

II/ Choose the word whose stress is place differently from the others.

3. A. exist B. weather C. affect D. extinct

4. A. disappear B. introduce C. influence D. interfere

5. A. energy B. establish C. peacefully D. plentiful


6. Student: “Could you help me to fax this report?”
Librarian: “__________________________.”

A. Sorry I have no idea B. It’s very kind of you to say so

C. What rubbish! I don’t think it’s helpful D. Certainly. What’s the fax number?
7. Lucy: “__________________________”

Susan: “Sounds great!”

A. In my opinion the sound is so perfect B. What a beautiful sound!

C. Susan, how about a coffee after work? D. What do you think of this piano?
8. Mary: “The show finishes at 11 pm”

Chuck: “ _______________________”

A. Oops. I’m sorry B. Are you absolutely sure?

C. What’s up? D. Bye. Take care

9. The area is roped off because the water is seriously polluted. “Polluted” exactly means:

A. contaminated B. disappeared C. purified D. endangered

10. She is a famous __________. She tries her best to protect rare animals from extinction.

A. environment B. environmentalist C. environmental D. environmentally

11. People are destroying the environment by adding ___________ to it.

A. polluting B. pollution C. pollutants D. polluted

12. Non- renewable energy resources are running ________________.

A. up B. on C. to D. out

13. People have used coal and oil to _________ electricity for a long time.

A. generate B. release C. do D. manufacture

14. Grass for animals is a __________________ resource.

A. renewable B. nonrenewable C. limited D. clean

15. Many efforts have been ________ to protect endangered animals.

A. done B. taken C. made D. given

16. People in this village are suffering from strange diseases resulted from the polluted water _______.

A. provide B. supply C. running D. drinking

17. Increased consumption will lead to faster _________ of our natural resources.

A. exhaust B. exhausted C. exhaustion D. exhausting

18. The chemistry book _________ was a little expensive.

A. that I bought it B. I bought it C. what I bought D. which I bought

19. Your career should focus on a field in _______ you are interested.

A. that B. which C. where D. whom

20. The missing man’s family is seeking anyone _______ information about his activities or whereabouts.

A. has B. that has C. who have D. to have

21. I have three brothers, ___________ are businessmen.

A. that all of them B. all of who C. who they all D. all of whom

22. The friend ________ I was travelling spoke French.

A. with whom B. whom C. who D. no word is needed

23. The last person __________ the room must turn out the lights.

A. left B. who leave C. to leave D. leaves

24. Boys __________ this school had to wear uniform.

A. attending B. attended C. who attends D. to attend

25. I always want to visit Paris, ____________ of France.

A. which is the capital B. is the capital C. where is the capital D. that is the capital
26. I must thank the people ___________ I got a present.

A. whom B. who C. from whom D. with whom.

27. The novel _________ by Patrick is a best-seller.

A. writing B. written C. which writes D. to write

28. The valley ________ the village locates is heavily polluted.

A. which B. in where C. in which D. at which


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Mã đề 124 – Đề thi Giữa Học kỳ II – Khối 11


A. which make B. having making C. make D. making

30. I’ll never forget the day ________ I first met you.

A. at when B. at which C. on which D. on when

31. The house ________ in the storm has now been rebuilt.

A. destroying B. destroyed C. which is destroyed D. that destroyed

32. Do you know the man _________ to Mai?

A. is talking B. who talking C. talked D. talking


33. Bogota, that is the capital of Columbia, is a cosmopolitan city.

34. Only a few of the films show at the Gray Theatre are suitable for children.
35. I am afraid now you are in danger losing your jobmore than ever.


El Nino is a weather phenomenon of the Pacific Ocean which is caused by an abnormal warming of water on the surface
of the ocean. It has the power to influence global weather patterns as it brings drought to some continents and (36)
________ rain to others. It was first noticed by fishermen coming from Spanish ports in the Pacific in the 17th century. It

got its name (Spanish for “boy child”) because it usually takes (37) _________ near Christmas time. It can cause
catastrophic damage. The 1982 El Nino (38) ______ in 1,500 deaths, but it can be a lot worse than that. Sea animals, (39)
______ fish and birds, also die in large number. It is (40) ________ that sailors in the Pacific can smell the dead sea -life
during El Nino.

36. A. wet B. shower C. plenty D. heavy

37. A. away B. place C. care D. part

38. A. resulted B. led C. caused D. gave

39. A. containing B. holding C. including D. involving

40. A. felt B. said C. told D. mistaken


Laird Gogins is fifty-seven-year-old inventor who has developed a device to harness the power of the wind. He claims
that his invention could eventually provide all the electrical power needed by the United States. A network of his wind
machines across the country could transfer electricity produced in a windy spot to a place where the air is still. Just one of
Gogins’ wind machines will produce eighty megawatts of electricity, which is ten times the power produced by all the
windmills in the United States captured. It could provide one hundred percent of the electrical power now consumed.
However, the inventor admits that the wind will probably never become the country’s sole power source.

41. What does Laird Gogins do as stated in the passage?

A. He’s the director of a wind power station
B. He’s an inventor

C. He surveys all the power plants in the United States
D. He produces machines

42. What does Gogins’ device harness in nature?

A. still air B. Electricity C. the power of the wind D. Solar energy

43. Which of the following statements concerning Gogins’machine is NOT true?

A. It is cheaper to construct than a windmill
B. It will produce eighty megawatts of electricity
C. It could produce much more power than the windmill

D. It is currently providing all of the electrical power needed by the United States.
44. What does Gogins admit about his invention?

A. He believes that the windmill is more practical than his machine

B. He believes that a network of his machines would be incapable of transferring electricity from one place to another.
C. He believes that his machine will probably never be the only devices used to produce power in the United States.
D. He believes that his machine will never be popular outside the United States.

45. The word “CAPTURE” means most nearly

A. put into operation B. put under arrest

C. brought under control D. brought to the inventor’s attention

VII. TRANSFORMATION: Rewrite the following sentences, beginning with the given words/ phrases

46. People not getting enough sleep may become short-tempered and irritable.

People who____________________________________________________________________________

47. My brother bought a bicycle specially designed for long-distance racing.

My brother bought a bicycle that ________________________________________________________________________
48. The man was very kind. I talked to him yesterday.

The man to ___________________________________________________________________________

49. That person’s picture was in the newspaper.

That is the person whose _________________________________________________________________

50. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.